«Fuck off and get out of here!». The brutal host of a talk-show on Russia 1 channel expelled and swore Ukrainian expert

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Russian television continues to hate Ukrainian themes. The leader of the program «Who is against?» on the channel Russia 1 Sergey Mikheev drove the Ukrainian expert Andrei Metlev from the studio with scandal, using insulting remarks.

The incident occurred while discussing the topic of the Holodomor in Ukraine. Vladymyr Soloviev and Sergei Mikheyev spoke with guests about a photo from the Holocaust Museum, which the Ukrainian embassy staff issued for deportation of the Crimean Tatars in 1944. Mikheyev said that this was not the first such incident, and at that moment the Ukrainian expert tried to interrupt the host.

“What, there was no famine, or what?”, – asked Ukranian guest.

The lead reaction was harsh.

“Fuck off and get out of here! You are free!” – turning to the falsetto, Mikheev declared, taking a red card from his pocket.

Ukranian expert left the studio, and the host advised him to give lectures in the toilet.

«Scream in the toilet! You`re fuckin` Ukrainian philosopher», – he finally cursed.

That trick of the host was accompanied by applause from the Moscow audience.

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